Originally, Carla and Amy went to Northern Uganda on slightly different medical missions, but they eventually teamed up in 2015 to work together in the burn unit at St Mary’s LACOR hospital just outside of Gulu. They had each been to Gulu a couple of times separately, but it wasn’t until that first trip together that the ideas starting rolling to create a sustainable, long-term solution for the area’s underserved victims of burns.

Fortunately for many locals, St. Mary’s LACOR burn unit offers the region’s best healthcare available. But many people have to travel from miles away, and being so far from home makes caring for the entire family a game of logistics. Families sometimes stay for many months at the hospital, caring for their loved ones. This is not only hard emotionally, but can be a huge financial burden on the entire family. Families run out of money, food, and other resources, and are forced to take their children out of the hospital and return home to their support system.

Some of their initial concerns were:

  • Patients were not getting adequate protein for efficient healing due to cost of services
  • The burn unit was critically low on wound care supplies and medications
  • Minimally systemized patient education program
  • Infrequent therapy services were being delivered
  • Patients return home to non-sterile environments which increases risk of infection

On their first mission trip together in September 2015 through Medical Missions Foundation, Carla and Amy decided to start organizing a Milk and Eggs program to provide protein to all of the patients in the LACOR burn unit. This program is still alive and well today and has been funded until now through private donations from Carla, Amy, and their family and friends. Fast forward 18 months, and this program has become the inspiration for the Gulu Project—broadening and expanding the services and access to essentials for adequate burn recovery to the people of Gulu and the surrounding areas.

Carla and Amy have been able to acquire a small parcel of land located about one mile from St Mary’s LACOR hospital, and their plans are to create an outpatient center and long-term care village for patients who can no longer stay at the hospital for financial and/or family issues.

Someone is always in need of something, feel free to message us to see what else you can do if you don’t find your answers here in the FAQ!

Of course we take donations! You can either click on our “Donate” tab and contribute a specified amount or create your own amount!  Donations are a great way to contribute for us to continue to serve this vastly underserved population.  Although financial donations are greatly appreciated, they are not the only way to donate.

We go yearly and like to stock them with supplies that will last until the next visit.  Here is a list of supplies if you would like to donate items, you can get with myself or Amy to arrange pick up.  This year we need these asap, we pack our bags Aug 20th but will accept right up to our Sept 9th departure date and after as we keep collecting for the next year.
Medical supplies needed:
SSD (Silver sulfadiazine)
Burn dressings of any kind
Kerlix, gauze, telfa, ace wraps, tape, bandaids
Hand sanitizer
Children’s vitamins
Therapy equipment, splints, toys
Pulse oximeters & extra batteries, Blood pressure cuffs (esp. pediatric), stethescopes, thermometers.
Dinamap for Ugandan nurses & Dermatome for Ugandan surgeons would be an unbelievable addition!
Art supplies & toys:
Coloring books, colored pencils, any arts and crafts projects or games. Any toys that are washable to keep the unit clean.  They do not have any of these things available to them.  We try to provide items to keep them moving so their skin doesn’t tighten becoming contracted.
Clothes/ washable diapers/ pads:
It is important to keep the burns clean.  Many don’t have clothes or diapers at all.  We’d like to supply with washable items for when they get soiled so it’s easier to stay clean.
DVD player, DVD’s for children, books, music, silly outfits for dance parties.  Pen lights/ pens/ office supplies for Nurses.

Currently we are not accepting volunteers, but we will be looking forward to accepting them as early as Spring 2018!

There are a few of things we could always use.   Your school, church, or business is always welcome to have a medical supply drive!  (Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Non-Adherent Dressing, Ace Bandages, etc.)Those are great things to donate and are always in need!