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Dear Friends,

Welcome to our new blog, which we are calling the Gulu Project Kids Corner!  This is the place where you will learn about some of the great kids that Gulu Project is reaching.  Our kids all have different back stories, different home lives, and different challenges. We thought this would be a great way for us to showcase these brave little people and their families, and give you a face with the name. That way you can see who your money is helping!



Gulu Project, Milk and eggs, Gulu Burn Village, Comfort

Carla with Comfort on her lap

We are going to start with Comfort!

Comfort was our first visitor to the burn village a few months ago in September 2017. At the time, our village had three huts, no running water, no security, no power, and no food.  But Carla and Corey were in Gulu with Medical Missions Foundation and Gulu Project and were able to house Comfort and her family to keep them comfortable after Comfort had a much needed skin graft by one of the Medical Missions Foundation team doctors.

This wasn’t the first time we met Comfort. She had been a patient of Carla and Amy two years ago when her injury was new. Comfort fell sideways into a fire pit and sustained burns over 50% of her body. Our American doctor with the medical mission believed Comfort wouldn’t survive, and knowing her high risk of infection, we were very concerned as well. Comfort was in a tremendous amount of pain.

I can remember changing her dressings at St Mary’s LACOR where she was a patient on the burn unit. I’ll never forget the fear on her face and the screams and wiggles to get away. It’s unlike anything a human being should have to endure, let alone a child. Comfort was new to the burn unit, and had many many months of dressing changes ahead of her if she was going to survive.

Gulu Project, Gulu Burn Village, Milk and Eggs

Comfort in her purple dress with milk and eggs

Here is a picture of Comfort in a beautiful pillow case dress that we gave her from the mission team.  She loved her dress and was very proud of it. Although she isn’t smiling in this picture, I promise you that Comfort felt so pretty in her brightly colored dress with ruffles.  She was wearing it for the annual dance party that we throw in the burn unit to celebrate life and healing.


The Gulu Project has been able to provide money for nutrition, multiple surgeries, transportation, and medication for Comfort over the past two years. She is one of the first children to benefit from the ongoing donations to this cause. It was only fitting for her to be guest number one. In Africa, communication is not a given. Transportation is not a given. Nutrition, medical care, and second chances are not a given. But Comfort is a survivor, and she lives in a family of survivors.  We are so proud to show you our first house guest at the Gulu Project Burn Village, our little Comfort.



Our first house guest, Comfort, seen here with her father and Carla; September 2017

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