As often happens with great mission projects, we are expanding from our original mission into a project borne out of the specific needs of the community we serve. We are ready to expand our services from nutritional and surgical support (click here to learn about our Milk and Eggs program) to reaching burn families all around the region. We want to serve more families that don’t have the resources to get the burn care they need and deserve.

As you may know from supporting our milk and eggs program in the past, the local hospital treats children for severe burns due to open fires, paraffin, and boiling water.  Many of our children are in the hospital for many months, undergoing multiple skin graft surgeries and therapies.  Other area hospitals don’t have dedicated burn units like LACOR. They are treating burned patients on their standard surgical and medical wards.


With that in mind, we purchased land a mile from LACOR hospital to build our “Burn Village”.  We plan to have tiled huts, a safe kitchen, clean water, a garden, goats, chickens, and a gathering space. We hope to add a playground and library if we have room.  The hub of our village will be an outpatient nursing center and therapy room. Our village will be an interim care and rehab center for patients and families affected by burns.

Our humble plan began on a piece of paper with some yellow post-it notes. Nothing fancy or official. We are just two women with a heart for people, some background in healthcare, and enough tenacity to think that this just might work.  The Acholi people have given us Acholi birthright names to represent us:  “Lamara” and “Aber”. Lamara means “woman who loves all people”. Aber means “woman who asks for many things and gets them because people want to help her)”. These names are a perfect representation of who we are and how we came to create this project.


Our vision is to have a sustainable outpatient village for our families that can’t afford to stay at the area hospitals. They need to be seen in a CLEAN environment.  We can minimize the risk of infection when children with open wounds go back to their villages too soon.  Our guests won’t have to pay money for services provided at the burn village.  They will farm the garden and care for the livestock in order to sustain their families and keep the village running.  This will be their contribution for staying at the village and receiving ongoing services.

Carla and I are so excited about the prospect of creating this village!  We are in the initial stages of construction and planning. We plan to break ground on our first three huts starting in June 2017!  We are hoping that momentum will be building for our first visit in mid-September 2017.

There are SO many things to consider, and many needs to establish a safe and effective burn village. The ultimate goal is to have a self-sustaining system in place.  We want to train the Acholi healthcare staff to use the village as their own.  Unfortunately, vision alone will not build this village. What we need now is funding.


When you decide to donate to the Burn Village, we welcome you into the Gulu Project family.  We are committed to spending every one of your dollars wisely. We never take for granted the goodwill of our friends. Our foundation is 100% transparent with donated funds. We will gladly discuss our expenses with you. We respect your donated dollars.

Please visit our DONATE tab to see how to allocate your funds specifically, and to see how far your money can reach.

Africa may seem to be far to you.  But as anyone who has been to Gulu can tell you, it is right around the corner to us.  These ARE our people, and we love them very much.  They have captured our hearts and completely changed us.  We are their voice among the privileged.  Carla and I will not stop until we’ve done everything we can to give them the healthcare they deserve.

I cannot tell you how humbled we are to have the support that we have already.  Money, prayers, legal and technical advice, fundraising planners: our projects have been over-blessed by people like you.

As we see all the magic come together, we know we are in the right place at the right time.  Make sure to follow our journey and our progress in the months to come.  It’s going to be spectacular!


We thank you for your trust, your positive thoughts, and your donations. We honor your giving spirits. We ask that you continue to follow us and share our vision with your tribes. This is an on-going, ever-changing, and quickly growing adventure. Thanks for joining us on the ride!

Love to all and some amazing African sunsets,

Amy and Carla

“Lamara” and “Aber”