Milk and Eggs Program

In 2015, Amy & I started our Milk and Eggs program. Lacor has 8 beds dedicated to burns in addition to ICU and some overflow.  These 8 beds are always full.  The burns that come in are often large and deep.  These kiddos need several surgeries and some stay for months.  We provide eggs and fortified milk daily to each child because extra protein and calories are essential to healing.  For many, these items are missing from their diet.  Without it, these kids can take much longer to heal or in some cases become very ill, some die.  We make sure these kids have eggs and milk everyday, not just while we are there, we provide it year round so this is an ongoing need.

Because we understand how hard it is on a family to be in the hospital financially, we don’t want those to have to make the difficult decision to stay and treat one child or leave to make money to support the other children.  It crushes us to see families leave with a sick child because they cannot afford a surgery.  We pay for surgeries / extra food and whatever needs arise.

Amy and I have been working with some great innovators and fantastic supporters, and we’ve moved on to expanding our outreach for our families at St. Mary’s LACOR hospital burn unit in Gulu, Uganda. As you know from supporting us, the burn unit serves eight families at a time, often treating small children for very severe burns due to open fires, paraffin, and boiling water (while cooking). Some of our children are in the hospital for many months, undergoing multiple skin graft surgeries and therapies. Amy and I have visited Gulu several times with the Medical Missions Foundation and we’ve become personally invested in our families there.

Our goal for this fund was to be able to feed these children proper nutrition while they are in the hospital as many of them have been undernourished in the past and either couldn’t undergo surgery, or experienced extremely slow healing rates because of their malnutrition. We couldn’t be happier or prouder of our supporters, because at this point, we have been able to provide milk and eggs to our families in need every day since September 2015. That’s a year and a half! Our nurses report that patients are getting fatter and healing faster because of the collective efforts of all of us. This is true love in action. We are really making a difference!

“Your donations to the Milk and Eggs fund have made that possible AND beyond!  Food for the unit costs about $5-6 dollars a day, so we’ve been able to pay for dozens of life-saving surgeries, transportation needs, and various family expenses with our donations.  We’ve also added a DVD player to the unit for entertainment, new screens for all the windows, and mosquito nets for all of the beds.  We’ve purchased much needed dressing supplies and medications with your donations as well.  We had shelving built to hold the supplies, and buckets to store them in.  It’s been a fantastic year.

Please enjoy the pictures on this page of ACTUAL milk and eggs recipients.  These are the mouths you are feeding with your donations!  Thank you!”